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I — Louis Potter — started Innovative Health as a means to provide high-quality and innovative solutions to problems that affect the world of global health. Having experienced many organisations — both inside and outside the sector —  it became clear that there was a lack of people joining the dots to find the simplest solutions to complex problems. 

The beauty of global health is its mixed nature: medicine, development and technology are just some of the disciplines that can be joined to improve health outcomes throughout the world. Some of the most substantial world health gains have come from taking a step back and then considering the problem from a different direction. This ability to reframe and approach problems from a new direction is what I can add. Through creative thinking and talking with the right people, big problems are broken down into smaller ones that can be quickly solved.

My experience


Working with the MSF Sweden Innovation Unit, I am an Innovation Advisor and the Case Manager of the Cold Chain Indicator Case. This project aims to develop — in partnership with commercial and academic partners, and under Swedish government funding — a smart, cheap indicator that can track items (medicines or lab reagents) in the humanitarian cold chain to ensure that they are good to use when they reach MSF's beneficiaries. I was also the acting Innovation Lead within the unit between January-October 2017. The role gave a wide management responsibility of the ongoing cases within the unit, as well as for the development of new projects and initiatives. 

Through my work as a consultant with Innovating Health I have worked on a diverse range of projects spanning various technological sectors. However, there is always a common theme: innovation. I co-authored a large landscape analysis of how drones could be used in the development sector for USAID and have had other pieces from the innovatinghealth.eu blog published on industry hubs. 

Working with Jamiya and OTLW, I have helped in researching the possible ways in which the Blockchain might be used to help refugees verify and gain credentials as a means to improving their access to higher education. This project is ongoing and is an excellent example of how the potential of innovative modern technologies offer huge potential if they are properly harnessed. 


I am active in the humanitarian sector and understand how to work in a development context. I worked with Medecins Sans Frontieres in Lusaka (Zambia) where I was one of a small international team coordinating the largest cholera vaccination campaign in history. Before this, I completed a nine month mission with MSF in Kinshasa (DRC); managing the supply and logistics department for a large HIV/TB project, during which, I implemented the use of mHealth tools for the project. Previously, in India, I had worked as a Project Coordinator of an HIV-prevention initiative, and I have also provided strategic research to UK-based health NGOs. 


I have conducted research in various areas of the health sector and co-authored published academic works: most recently, 'New developments for the delivery of plastic surgical research in the UK'. I received my MSc in Global Health from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden — one of the world's leading medical universities — with my thesis, a mixed-methods external evaluation of a child-malnutrition project in India. By focusing on a practical assessment, I wanted to make sure that my research would be a useful tool for improving the intervention. Previously, I received my bachelor's in Politics with International Studies from The University of Warwick. This included my first-class dissertation 'Does wealth equal health? International Institutions and healthcare in Latin America.


I was part of a successful team within government, handling written parliamentary questions at the Department for Education. During this time, we increased the on-time response rate for MPs' written parliamentary questions from 17% to 97%, effectively mediating between various parties including ministers, special advisers and policy officials.


I am technically adept, having worked first as a developer and online marketer, before managing a web-design company. I then worked for a start-up gap year travel company, before co-founding a technology startup focused on improving energy efficiency through home automation systems.


Beyond the above, I have worked in professional kitchens, construction and am a professional scuba diver. 

For more details, please see my CV.