Happy 2017!

Firstly, happy new year to everybody! I'm pleased to say 2016 was a great year for Innovating Health!

Not only did I deliver on a range of projects, I also made a wealth of connections within the sector. 

What we did in 2017

  • Helping a new social banking initiative get off the ground in Switzerland. 
  • Conducted research in association with Jamiya and OTLW into whether Blockchain technology can be used to help Syrian refugees gain access to higher education.
  • Delivered a significant report for USAID in association with GLOBHE studying the feasibility of using cargo drones in the humanitarian sector.
  • Stepped in to manage the new smart Time Temperature Indicator (sTTI) for the humanitarian cold chain for the MSF Sweden Innovation Unit

A new year, a new role

Excitingly, from January-October 2017, I will be working as the Innovation Lead at the MSF Sweden Innovation Unit. This is an interim position and I will remain based in Switzerland. In terms of what this means for Innovating Health, we will continue to keep the shop open, although our capacity to take on new projects will be slightly limited until October. 

That said, I remain happy to help discuss and projects you might have now or coming up and will be looking to line up work from October onwards!

Best wishes for 2017!